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Greater Los Angeles is a sprawling community that has evolved into a big urban complex, unified by ties of social, cultural and economic interest and laced together by the common goal of solid design and architecture.  The unique and rich design of Los Angeles Architecture and the Architects that create them bridge the gap between concept and fruition.  A city of ceaseless change and innovation, inhabited by people who do things on a grand scale, solving problems with flair and imagination, creating a landscape of surprises and contrasts. Tending to the sophisticated needs of buyers and sellers who possess more talent than they do time, requires a realtor who understands both the landscape and the personalities that drive them.

Aaron Kirman is one of the top producing real estate agents in the country, especially when it comes to the iconic and sought after architectural market of Los Angeles.  Aaron has fine tuned his expertise by selling homes by architects who are synonymous with Los Angeles architecture such as the renowned Frank Lloyd Wright, Lloyd Wright, Neutras, Koenigs, Shindlers, Lautners, and even the one Oscar Neimeyer in North America. Such a litany has enabled him to build a perennial A-list of clients ranging from entertainment to top executives in the world of industry.

The current Real Estate Market has made homes designed by such Architectural Icons more obtainable than ever before.  And with the availability of these hidden gems comes the responsibility of properly navigating through the process of purchasing such an elite home with esoteric needs. To know when to restore rather than renovate takes the experience and guidance of someone who is seasoned, knows all the ins and outs of the Los Angeles Market and is well versed in the language of Architectural Design. Finding the right owner for the right home could be just as important as finding the right home for the right owner.